Zen Tenkara Suzume Rod


If you fish small streams or tight places, the Suzume will quickly become your favorite, go-to rod. Suzume or “Sparrow”, is a small, lightweight, aggressive and highly adaptable bird found all over North America and most of the world…that’s the Suzume. The Suzume is a triple zoom and can be fished at 3 lengths: 7.7’, 9.3’ and 10.8’ giving you extreme accessibility in a variety of situations. It has a medium-fast action, 6:4 flex and a slender, double taper, high quality, 11” cork handle for extreme comfort and a custom fit. The handle not only allows you to find your own “sweet spot” but it also ensures the rod is balanced and not front heavy. Suzume is extremely accurate, strong, yet very delicate for the most precise and beautiful presentations imaginable. Includes spare tip, rod sock and hard travel tube. Pair with the Performance Tip for a faster action (sold separately).

  • Rod Length Collapsed w/ Cap: 20.75”
  • Rod Length Extended: 10’.8”, 9’.3”, 7’.7” Tri-Zoom
  • Handle Length: 11″
  • Case Length: 23”
  • Rod Weight w/o Cap: 2.3oz
  • Rod Weight w Cap: 2.4oz
  • Total Weight (Rod, Sock and Case): 8.1oz
  • Flex: 6:4

This is one versatile rod. I have fished this rod all Spring & Summer this year with killer results. The fact that this rod can be extended to three different lengths makes this one of my go to rods when blue lining it up in the Pennsylvania mountains. I can fish all types of terrain, popping it down to the smallest length when needed in super small tight streams and then fully extending it to the full 10’8″ length when the stream opens up and I need a little more length for reaching that hard to get spot. Plus I have one more length I can go to if needed. Below are some shots I got of some local Wild Brook Trout caught on the Suzume rod in PA.

The Suzume is an amazing rod designed by a pretty amazing woman, Karen Miller. Karen is the owner of Zen Tenkara and oversees all operations of the business including rod design, manufacturing and sales. She is also one hell of a fisherman. Traveling the world to spread the word of Tenkara and fishing in some of the most beautiful places around.

Go to her site at https://www.zentenkara.com/shop-tenkara/suzume-rod-wsock-and-hard-rod-tube/




Quinn Gear

QuinnGear4Based out of sunny California, Quinn gear is designed for the modern outdoor adventurer. These hand made fly fishing wallets and bags are made to last and stand the test of time. I’ve been running one for the last 2 years or so and it holds up like a tank. Super light weight, and made from Dyneema X Gridstop/X-Pac and double snap closures that really do hold this wallet closed tight. Each one of these wallets is hand made to order, so you know you are getting something unique. Both fabrics have a grid of white Dyneema threads for exceptional tear strength, as well as a diagonal woven ripstop. The fabric has a waterproof polyurethane coating on the inside, which will help keep things dry. The Dyneema Gridstop fabric is available in three color options: Green, Black and Blue. X-Pac fabric is available in Slate gray and brown. You can mix and match the outer and inner fabric colors as well.

QuinnGear1The wallet is 7.5″ in length fully opened  and 4.25″ wide. It can hold between 30-40 flies and with the double snap closure, your flies will stay inside.

QuinnGear5Here is a little blurb pulled from Quinn Gears Etsy page.

“I use only the strongest and lightest materials to produce accessories that will endure tough outdoor adventures.

Being a designer by profession, I was tired of settling for bland and traditional looking fly fishing bags and pouches. I preferred clean, minimal and modern design, so naturally I wanted to have my work reflect that same aesthetic.

The first step was to get a sewing machine and create some prototypes of bags specifically for fly fishing. After gaining valuable experience in producing these items, I decided that I wanted to try making some backpacking gear, which is another passion of mine. My first large project was a zippered hammock. It turned out wonderfully. I decided to make a few for my friends, and eventually made an ultralight backpack which I still continue to use.

When I began to receive positive feedback from other enthusiasts, I knew that I was onto something.

When it came time for an Etsy name for my company, I instantly knew what I wanted it to be. We aptly named it Quinn, after our new baby’s arrival.”

QuinnGear3Do yourself a favor and pick up one of these little gems. He also has some different bag options as well. Click the link below to check out Quinn Gear’s etsy page and support a small buisness. Cheers!


Bozeman Creative

Karl Schwartz from Bozeman Creative has sent us a little care package of some of the many designs he has created over the years. First off we thank you Karl for the stickers. They will go to good use. Below is a little snip it from Karl’s site.

“Hi everybody, my name is Karl Schwartz and I was born and raised in Alaska, but have lived in Montana for over 19 years. I graduated from Montana State University with a bachelors and masters degree in education.  I have taught technology, web design, graphic design, engineering, computer animation and photography for 14 years.

Bozeman Creative was created to offer graphic design services for fly shops and to sell original fishing and fish related art.  However, I also have experience with other art, product design, drafting and landscape design.  I love my job teaching at Bozeman High School and am committed to spreading creativity, teaching technology and encouraging an appreciation of art.  My students are very talented and inspiring to be around; I talk to them often about following their dreams, so I can only practice what I preach and do what I love!”

This is one of Karl’s T-shirt designs.

We love his quirky designs and what he stands for. If your in need of some graphic services or just some cool stickers and even t-shirt designs go check out his site.


TenkaraPath Line Spool

Our friends over at TenkaraPath on Etsy sent us over a care package and the creator and designer of this amazing little line spool Dennis has written a little something about this super unique tool below.

“I was an early adopter of tenkara. I had been western style fly fishing for about 2 years and was fishing as therapy and meditation to treat my combat related PTSD. It was a great way for me to find my center and connect with the outdoors.

One of the main issues I had with western style fly fishing was that line management was kind of a distraction. A family member shared an article in the Denver Post about Daniel Galhardo of Tenkara USA and this unique style of fly fishing from Japan, and I was impressed with the idea of the simplicity. So, I decided to investigate tenkara.

After taking my first tenkara rod up to my local mountain stream and landing a nice brown trout I was hooked. I am someone who values simplicity, I felt that I could commit to this style of fly fishing with confidence. So, I got rid of my western gear and really simplified what I was taking out with me to the stream side. This was a liberating experience and the essence of tenkara has affected almost every other part of my life.

I have a creative mind and I like to make things. As a professional magician, my main vocation, I have made my own magic props and items for years. I like the process of creating useful things and using materials in unconventional ways, “life hacks” as they are commonly called.

I had an idea for a spool and I started looking at the different line holder spools on the market and just didn’t see what I had in mind. The spool design I imagined was an all-in-one set up for carrying my tippet, leader and storing my flies in one convenient spool. I have a small woodworking shop and decided that a wooden spool would be nice esthetically to make.

My first models had a thin, flat, wooden top that pivoted and covered the chambers holding the flies. I created several versions of this style but the process for making them was labor intensive. I gave many to friends as I adapted the design and eventually came to the current design that I make now.

When I added the neodymium magnets to the fly chambers I realized that the pivoting top was now obsolete. By removing it I was also able to go from 6 fly chambers to 8 and that the magnets were strong enough to hold at least 2 flies in each. Ultimately this made the spools less labor intensive and I was able to price them where they were affordable to make and sell.

I officially released the spools at the Tenkara USA Summit in 2017. They were received very well, and I even sold a special eastern red cedar spool to Dr. Ishigaki who loved the spool design and commented at the time how unique they were. The red cedar is hard to find in the right size to make spools so he got one of only a few of those that I have made.

Because each spool is made by hand individually every spool is just slightly different than the next. There is a general standard for size and track spacing and I offer a few different wood choices depending on what I have available to me in the category of reclaimed and responsibly harvested woods. This keeps it interesting for me and I feel good about the environmental aspects of re-purposing wood that would otherwise end up in the landfills.

When I started making spools I had no idea how much fun the process was going to be. I learned a lot along the way. Each new design seemed to spark new ideas and challenged me to make them better. Here I am two years later, and I have a mostly standardized spool design available in several woods. I feel happy with how this has all worked out and I love seeing people using something that I made. ”

Check out Dennis’ blog and his shop over at Etsy. I’ve used this line spool for a couple weeks now and I am really enjoying it. The magnets are a nice touch so I can keep a bunch of flies ready to go.

Thanks Dennis!


Blog www.TenkaraPath.com

Shop www.etsy.com/shop/TenkaraPath

Tenkara fishing on Fishing Creek in Pennsylvania

This week has been an amazing week so far. Have caught more wild brook trout this season than any other. That’s a good thing that numbers are up. Been Tenkara fishing everyday this week. Less line management and more relaxing. Been trying out this TFO tenkara rod given to me by a customer of mine that works for TFO. So far so good. It is a 10′ 6″ rod and has treated me pretty good on this trip. Below are some photos of the brookies I caught. Enjoy!

Birthday Weekend

May 28th, 2018

Got to spend 4 days with my family in the mountains in Jamison City, near Benton Pennsylvania. Always an exciting time when I go there. Located on the game lands and just a short hike from my father’s house is one of the best spots I’ve encountered to fish for wild brook trout, “Salvelinus fontinalis”. They are small, but extremely fun to catch. Their camouflage pattern makes them virtually invisible in small brooks and streams.

Overall it was a great weekend. Will be back up in July for a week where I hope I will be able to catch more of this amazing fish.

Motive Fly Reel Covers

I recently had the chance to try out some of Erich Kunz products from WudlenLLC. This will be a two part review as I am reviewing the reel covers first and then one of their rod racks. Erich’s products are found on Etsy.

Here is a snippet from his Etsy page:

“The ultimate solution for storing, protecting, and securing your fly fishing reels.”

Our fly fishing reel covers are constructed using a rugged, weatherproof exterior and a nonabrasive, fleece lining, so, after easily being cinched and secured, your fly reels are guarded from adverse conditions while being gently caressed inside.

Additionally, our fly reel covers are fully functional for keeping your reels safe and sound, whether they are connected or detached from your fly fishing rods, for example:

On Rod

> Protects fly reels from hostile weather and road conditions when driving with your fly fishing outfits affixed to a vehicle rack system.

> Prevents damage caused by hazards when traveling to and from your favorite fishing holes, whether this be walking in the parking lot at a popular lake or trailblazing to a backcountry stream.

Off Rod

> Secures fly reels to fishing apparel and other fly fishing equipment with a built-in security clip, keeping your covered reels attached to your fishing vest, fly fishing sling, etc. and out of the river!

> Multiple patterns and colorways are available (sold separately) and can assist in differentiating fly reels of assorted types and sizes, whether they are stashed in a backpack or boxed up in garage storage and organization.


☞ Durable, long-lasting, heavy-duty, multilayer construction

☞ Designed to cover reels on and off fishing rods

☞ Small investment to protect multi-hundred-dollar fishing reels

☞ Safeguards fly line, leaders, tippet, and fly fishing flies attached to reels

☞ Handcrafted in Seattle, WA, USA by fellow anglers


☞ Colors: Burgundy red, matte black, dark gray

☞ Materials: Duck canvas (cotton), polyester fleece

☞ Closure: Cinch (paracord, toggle)

☞ Dimensions (interior): 5 x 4.5 x 1-3.5 in

☞ Weight: 1.1 oz

Now that all the technical info is out of the way, these reel covers are great. Way sturdier then the generic reel covers you get when you buy your reels. Super tough on the outside yet soft and gentle on the inside.

I love that they have a cinching closure, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off when hiking through the woods to your favorite secret spot.

The colors are great too. Lots to choose from.

Erich really did think of everything in creating these covers. From being able to attach the covers to your gear or vest and just the all around durability. You don’t see too many custom reel covers out there. I highly recommend them.

Here is a quote from Erich himself.

“I have always been a problem solver and participant in numerous outdoor sports. Over the years, I have identified a number of relatively easily solvable shortcomings in activities (such as fly fishing) that others seem to struggle with, as well. Furthermore, these issues either weren’t considered or weren’t addressed appropriately.

After developing rough, working prototypes of products for friends and family to fix these issues, I thought, “why not formalize and bring them to market?!” Around the same time, I was obtaining an MBA, so I decided to apply what I was learning and started Motive Mfg. Co. to create solutions for a number of outdoor activities.

Admittedly, Motive is not a full-time gig, but being able to create stuff for things I enjoy is a hard side-project to pass up, especially when R&D might require a day of mid-week fishing to test new products! ”

Hope you guys enjoy, and go check out his Etsy page. Link below. Cheers!


Spring is here sort of…?

Spring is finally here. I think…

The weather is slowly changing. A little later then usual but at least it’s happening. I took a short hiatus from writing on here because life got a bit busy. Work, kids, wife. Trying to find a new house etc.

I have a bunch of new items to share with everyone. Please bare with me while I shake off the dust and get back into the “swing” of things. No pun intended. Haha!

Cheers to Spring!

Triton Fly Reels

We are pretty excited about this project. 

Introducing The Triton Alpha. Below are some of the features and some photos. We will have more information soon as this project is still in the works. We will be field testing with photos etc. Stay tuned. 

Some of the features:

Modern Hubless Design 

Time-Tested Fish-Stopping Power

000wt through 8wt
An amazing guarantee!