Fly Weight Knives

Every now and then a  great tool comes along that I get to use and play with. I’m a gadget guy and I love custom handmade items. 

This is the Fly Weight Knives 5 1/2″ Ultralight Titanium knife. This knife is made from 6Al4V Titanium with a coating of Tungsten Carbide to make the blade hold an edge longer. Thin, light, and small enough I can hang off of my bag or shirt when I am out flyfishing. More photos of field testing coming up.  


Check out Greg Woodwards knives at:


Geo Bass 

  If you guys haven’t had a chance to watch this great show, your missing one hell of an amazing thing. 

A group of friends get together and try to go after award winning size bass all over the world. They go to places that have never been fished before in back river streams and rivers as far away as Brazil, Guyana, Papua New Guinea, and Colombia. It’s dangerous, bug ridden and dangerous animals and insects are around every corner to try and kill you but they make it happen. Some mishaps along the way, but all that aside they are amazing trips and they catch some amazing fish. Peacock  bass, and other species never caught on fly rods before will get your heart pumping and wanting to fish. 

Check it out. You can watch episodes on Amazon Prime, YouTube and probably a couple other outlets.

Tight Lines.

Mission Workshop


The Vandal

29L / 65L Expandable Cargo Pack

The Vandal backpack features a water-resistant main compartment which can be used in either “roll-top” mode, or in the traditional “flap-down” configuration. A key feature of the Vandal backpack is it’s ability to quickly double in size from 1,800 to 4,000 when needed for extra cargo carrying capacity.

The Vandal also features multiple weatherproof compartments, urethane coated zippers, waterproof materials, and a carbon fiber reinforced internal frame suspension system. Front zippered pocket fits most 15in laptop computers or any tablet, a 17in laptop can fit in the rear rolltop compartment. Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty.


I feel like I am doing the bag a dishonor by even calling it a backpack. It is much more than your average run of the mill bag. I snagged their mission statement for you to read.

“Mission Workshop bags are constructed with the most rugged assembly of industrial and technical materials in the United States of America. Domestic manufacturing allows us to make smaller, more controlled runs of every bag, ensuring that each bag is worthy of it’s lifetime warranty. Mission Workshop strives for a production level of goods that are unmatched in terms of durability, aesthetics and over all flawless construction.”

This statement is beyond true. Now we have had this bag for about a year now and this is the second review we have done for Mission Workshop but so far it has surpassed anything I have ever owned before. The bag will be accompanying me on every weekend outdoor adventure in the Pennsylvania mountains we take and for overall hikes. I will be hiking, fly fishing, and putting the bag to its limits.
Thank you Mission Workshop for making a truly magnificent bag.

A Wet trip…


So last Monday I got out to do a little fishing with my cousin out to a place called Willingboro Lakes Park formally named Olympia Lakes. This 105-acre park is open for walking, fishing, and bird watching. There are no other facilities available there but this park will be undergoing improvements in the near future that will include an official paved parking lot, pavilions, restrooms and improved trails. The lake is stocked with pretty decent size bass. The above photo is my cousins canoe which he has done some modification to. We had a lot of stuff piled in that canoe that day. Maybe a little too much. I sat at the tail end and wound up sinking when we went to beach ourselves. Below is the photo of the sunken end. The water was cold that day and I was soaked from the chest down. Luckily I brought my waders which I quickly put on after stripping all my clothes off. I think next time I may just start off with putting them on.


Interesting Find


I found this amazing print a while back and thought I would share. It is all the peaks of mountains and lengths of all the major rivers in the world. It amazes me that someone took the time to probably etch this to make the print. Would love if this was hanging up in my house framed. It would be my dream to visit every major river and fish them. Here’s to someday.

Realistic Fly Review

Last Summer I got to field test some realistic fly’s a company I found on ETSY makes. “Realistic Fly ”  makes some really great fly’s. They sent me over a nice assortment. Below are some photo’s from last Summer when I got to try them out in a really great location in PA.

Up on the mountain I found some really great waterfalls and one in particular had a huge deep pool and to my luck was filled with wild Brook Trout ! I tried several different fly’s I had picked up from my local fly shop but had no luck until I tied on one of the Realistic Flys. I used the grasshopper and when it hit the water, Immediately it was hit over and over again. I wound up catching and releasing 4 brookies before leaving for the day. If you get a chance go check out and give them a try. You won’t be disappointed.


Review on the Outdoor Research Maelstrom Dry Bag Coming Soon…


Looking forward to getting this bag and taking it out to field test. The bag is 2L, 100% nylon, 210D ripstop with TPU lamination main body // 3L, 100% polyester, 75D TPU mesh top of bag. In other words it is waterproof and can take a beating. The bag is submersible and uses Vaporlock ™ Technology. Can’t wait to get out and hit the water with this multi use bag. Stay tuned.

Photo courtesy of Outdoor Research

Waiting for Spring…


Waiting for Spring is agonizing. The weather here has been up and down and from one extreme to the other. Soon it will be Spring and we can hike out to our favorite spots and hopefully catch some amazing fish. Time to start shaking off the cobwebs and digging out the gear. I am excited to test some fresh new gear from our friends over at Tenkara Rod Co.

We have a beautiful Owyhee Rod and Kit that we received from them that we cannot wait to try out on the open water.

More photos of the field test coming up. Stay tuned.

The Owyhee


Photo courtesy of Tenkara Rod Co.