Birthday Weekend

May 28th, 2018

Got to spend 4 days with my family in the mountains in Jamison City, near Benton Pennsylvania. Always an exciting time when I go there. Located on the game lands and just a short hike from my father’s house is one of the best spots I’ve encountered to fish for wild brook trout, “Salvelinus fontinalis”. They are small, but extremely fun to catch. Their camouflage pattern makes them virtually invisible in small brooks and streams.

Overall it was a great weekend. Will be back up in July for a week where I hope I will be able to catch more of this amazing fish.


Motive Fly Reel Covers

I recently had the chance to try out some of Erich Kunz products from WudlenLLC. This will be a two part review as I am reviewing the reel covers first and then one of their rod racks. Erich’s products are found on Etsy.

Here is a snippet from his Etsy page:

“The ultimate solution for storing, protecting, and securing your fly fishing reels.”

Our fly fishing reel covers are constructed using a rugged, weatherproof exterior and a nonabrasive, fleece lining, so, after easily being cinched and secured, your fly reels are guarded from adverse conditions while being gently caressed inside.

Additionally, our fly reel covers are fully functional for keeping your reels safe and sound, whether they are connected or detached from your fly fishing rods, for example:

On Rod

> Protects fly reels from hostile weather and road conditions when driving with your fly fishing outfits affixed to a vehicle rack system.

> Prevents damage caused by hazards when traveling to and from your favorite fishing holes, whether this be walking in the parking lot at a popular lake or trailblazing to a backcountry stream.

Off Rod

> Secures fly reels to fishing apparel and other fly fishing equipment with a built-in security clip, keeping your covered reels attached to your fishing vest, fly fishing sling, etc. and out of the river!

> Multiple patterns and colorways are available (sold separately) and can assist in differentiating fly reels of assorted types and sizes, whether they are stashed in a backpack or boxed up in garage storage and organization.


☞ Durable, long-lasting, heavy-duty, multilayer construction

☞ Designed to cover reels on and off fishing rods

☞ Small investment to protect multi-hundred-dollar fishing reels

☞ Safeguards fly line, leaders, tippet, and fly fishing flies attached to reels

☞ Handcrafted in Seattle, WA, USA by fellow anglers


☞ Colors: Burgundy red, matte black, dark gray

☞ Materials: Duck canvas (cotton), polyester fleece

☞ Closure: Cinch (paracord, toggle)

☞ Dimensions (interior): 5 x 4.5 x 1-3.5 in

☞ Weight: 1.1 oz

Now that all the technical info is out of the way, these reel covers are great. Way sturdier then the generic reel covers you get when you buy your reels. Super tough on the outside yet soft and gentle on the inside.

I love that they have a cinching closure, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off when hiking through the woods to your favorite secret spot.

The colors are great too. Lots to choose from.

Erich really did think of everything in creating these covers. From being able to attach the covers to your gear or vest and just the all around durability. You don’t see too many custom reel covers out there. I highly recommend them.

Here is a quote from Erich himself.

“I have always been a problem solver and participant in numerous outdoor sports. Over the years, I have identified a number of relatively easily solvable shortcomings in activities (such as fly fishing) that others seem to struggle with, as well. Furthermore, these issues either weren’t considered or weren’t addressed appropriately.

After developing rough, working prototypes of products for friends and family to fix these issues, I thought, “why not formalize and bring them to market?!” Around the same time, I was obtaining an MBA, so I decided to apply what I was learning and started Motive Mfg. Co. to create solutions for a number of outdoor activities.

Admittedly, Motive is not a full-time gig, but being able to create stuff for things I enjoy is a hard side-project to pass up, especially when R&D might require a day of mid-week fishing to test new products! ”

Hope you guys enjoy, and go check out his Etsy page. Link below. Cheers!

Spring is here sort of…?

Spring is finally here. I think…

The weather is slowly changing. A little later then usual but at least it’s happening. I took a short hiatus from writing on here because life got a bit busy. Work, kids, wife. Trying to find a new house etc.

I have a bunch of new items to share with everyone. Please bare with me while I shake off the dust and get back into the “swing” of things. No pun intended. Haha!

Cheers to Spring!

Triton Fly Reels

We are pretty excited about this project. 

Introducing The Triton Alpha. Below are some of the features and some photos. We will have more information soon as this project is still in the works. We will be field testing with photos etc. Stay tuned. 

Some of the features:

Modern Hubless Design 

Time-Tested Fish-Stopping Power

000wt through 8wt
An amazing guarantee!

Esox Niger

Just about all year long I have fun chasing these in my local cranberry bogs and just about everywhere. Meet Esox Niger or the common Chain Pickerel. These guys will go after anything you  throw at them. They put up a fight as long as you have some heavy leader and tippet otherwise they will saw through your line like a Swiss Army knife. 

Below is the largest one I caught 2 years ago in the Fall on a saltwater streamer I tied. 

When the fish aren’t biting elsewhere I know I can rely on catching at least a bunch of these on a trip to the cranberry bogs. The best part is going first thing In the morning when the water is calm and as soon as that streamer hits the water, it’s like watching sharks attacking from multiple angles. Ripples in the water, the fish fighting over your fly. To me it’s exciting. A lot of people would disagree as they hate catching these, but they suit me just fine. To each his own I suppose. 

Birthday Fishing Day

I am slowly getting my stepfather into Flyfishing. Getting him the essential gear and teaching him gives me great joy. He has taught me a lot over the years growing up and it’s nice to be able to give back and teach him something that is most meaningful to me in my life. We’ve been out a bunch of times over the years and he has had no luck catching a single thing. Until now. Now they might only be bluegills, but for him, just to catch something made his day. And to see his face light up and hear the excitement in his voice is why I like to get people involved in Flyfishing. 

Thanks for being there for me whenever I needed you.

Jefferson Rod Co.

I had the good fortune of getting to test out one amazing fly rod. Jefferson Rod Co. makes some really unique one of a kind rods. From the passion and hard work these guys put into these rods, down to the unique grizzly hackle feather that gets inlayed in each rod base. This is one great rod. 

The rod is balanced and feels amazing on the water. I took it up to Eastern Pennsylvania and fished it on a pretty steady flowing stream. About 30 mins in I caught my first rainbow of the season on an orange wooly bugger. I was stoked. The rod performed flawlessly. 

These rods are all hand made in the U.S. and focus on quality craftsmanship and even give back 5% of their revenue to Fly Fishing Collaborative. Great rods, Great cause. Need I say more? 

Check them out, give them a try. You won’t be disappointed. 
Rod specs:








Jeff Szari Pottery

This review is long overdue. This mug was handmade by a wonderful artist named Jeff Szari out of Alaska. Jeff’s pottery captures Alaska in its purest form. Using the Earth as his medium and   his artistic touch creating one of a kind pieces that you want to display more than use because of their beauty. 

Jeff is a retired high school teacher turned potter. As a former biology and earth science teacher he captures the place he lives in his pottery. His love for the outdoors shows in all of his pieces. 

Jeff’s work can be seen all over Alaska like Ptarmigan art gallery, Homer Chamber of Commerce and Whale’s Tale Coffee. 

If your looking for one of a kind pieces please visit his site at

O’Pros Dragonfly Rod Holder

Featuring the Outdoor Profesionals Dragonfly Rod Holder. Helping me field test this is my son and favorite fishing buddy.
“O’Pros is focused on innovating fishing and outdoor gear to help you perform most efficiently.”
The Dragonfly Rod Holder is perfect when fishing when you need to take a hook out or get gear out of your bag without having to put the Rod between your legs or balance it on the back of your neck. The secure belt clip really holds on tight. I actually had trouble removing it a couple times which was no big deal. I’d rather have it secure than sliding all over the place. It’s made of durable molded (hdpe) plastic and the clips are made from spring steel. It has a convenient Velcro patch to use as a fly patch or to attach accessories. But I actually like it because it protects your cork handle from getting scratched.
Outdoor Professionals also has a great return policy. If the the holder ever breaks under normal conditions they will replace the product. But I am pretty sure this holder will last you most of a lifetime if not longer. I give this product 10 out of 10 for creativity, durability, and for making fly fishing that much more fun.
Check them out at