Monic Fly Lines

The precision dry fly line.

Monic fly lines is something I came across when surfing through IG and was amazed I hadn’t heard of them before. They make excellent lines and they are PVC free which is ultimately better for the planet. Below is a little blurb about the history of Monic I snatched from their website.

“A lifetime ago, in the 80’s, avid angler Bob Goodale was fishing in Belize and having a heck of a time casting in the wind with a long leader. His frustration fueled his passion to design and develop a clear floating fly line that would enable him to use a short leader which would provide more stealth and not spook fish. After years of research & development, in 1994 he introduced the first Covert Clear line to the market and Monic was born.”

“For the past 24 years, Monic has been innovating and developing new ways to improve fly line performance and decrease fly line impact on the environment. No matter if your fishing high pressure locations that demand precise presentations, or under clear skies and bright sun, Monic fly lines continue to be the best on the market.”

Jarvis over at Monic sent us a couple lines to try out. The precision dry in 3wt for some amazing trout fishing and the Icicle line in a 6wt for larger fish like bass and pickerel etc.

The precision dry casts like a dream and is probably my favorite line right now. I haven’t gotten a chance to try the icicle line yet but I’m sure it won’t disappoint. Below is a photo of a brown trout I recently caught on the precision dry.

A little more about the coatings.

The coatings on Monic Fly Lines do not contain the volatile chemicals that must be added to PVC in order to create a typical fly line. This shift in technology is important to maintain the durability of the line. Previously, these added chemicals would constantly leach out into the environment. For the same reason we stay away from PVC water bottles, food containers or baby toys, PVC emits poison. As those chemicals migrate out of the plastic, a void is created in the compound. Not only does this alter the compound from its initial, intended characteristics, but that void forces the compound to crack over time. This is where the circumferential cracks on a PVC fly line are born. Add dirt, oil, and other foreign debris to the cracks and performance degrades. Monic Fly Lines do not lose material over time, and therefore do not crack. This is important in the overall durability of the line and its performance longevity for the angler.

All in all Monic makes a quality product and it’s all made in the U.S.A.! Link below to their site.