Moseart Pocket Coin

Awhile back we received this awesome lucky pocket coin from moseart on Etsy. She makes some pretty unique items but this pocket coin by far was my favorite. Also we got a pretty cool key chain with the rodsandreelizations name on it as well. Below is a little excerpt about Moe and her life.

“Moe Rose is the artist behind her aptly named company, Moesart. She is a lifelong resident of beautiful Boulder, Colorado and the youngest of five children. She has always wanted to be an artist, but she listened to the outside pressure of “you can’t make a living being an artist” and “ever heard of the term, starving artist?” Moe chose the working world over attending college and punched a clock for 25 years where she felt “her soul disappear a little bit every day.” When the company was bought out, she decided she couldn’t wait any longer and it was time to pursue her passion for art.

She feels words are very powerful and she wants to change how future artists are seen in the world. A mom herself, she wants every kid to be encouraged to follow their heart and curiosities. More importantly, she wants artists to be supported in earning a living wage.”

Out of her home studio, Moe creates remarkable hand stamped metal jewelry. She creates custom pieces for a truly personalized gift. This featured piece was inspired by the love of fly-fishing that her husband and son share.

To see her other works, follow her on Instagram: Artsymoe and find her on Facebook;

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