Doddy’s Flies Silicone Inserts

I recently was searching for intresting items on etsy when I came across something unique that caught my eye. Silicone slabs for holding flies. Sort of like the big name brand one’s that are extrememly pricey, who we won’t mention, but much more affordable and also customizable.

Andrew Dodd is the creator and designer for these awesome inserts. He sent us out a little care package of 3 of his designs. The one I think is pretty great is the one that fits inside an Altoid tin. Perfect size for your pocket when you only want to go in with the bare minimum in gear which I like to do when hiking and fly fishing up in the Pennsylvania mountains. Below is a little something Andrew wrote up for us telling you about his Inserts.

“My name is Andrew Dodd and I’ve been fly fishing for a little over a year. I am a Mechanical Engineering major at Clemson University in SC and I’m starting my third year in the fall. I was raised in the low-country surrounding Charleston, SC. When I’m away at school I fish the local rivers for trout, there is rainbow, brown, and brook. When I’m home for the summer I fish Stillwater for bass and panfish and salt for redfish mostly. These patches came about shortly after I started fly fishing and seeing how expensive tacky fly boxes were. I use commercially available silicones and 3-D modeling software to make pretty much any size or shape I think would be useful. The first one I designed was the altoids tin insert and after a few iterations, I found the perfect size to fit  perfectly into the tin. The larger patches (I call them “dash patches”) were designed for stand alone applications, whether that be on the dash of your car, the console of a boat, or to keep freshly tied flies organized on your bench. As a college student, I didnt have the extra cash to buy the high end boxes, so i took my knowledge in 3-D design software and my creativity and came out with these silicone patches. The larger patches are the old silicone i used to use, it is a little softer than the new silicone and only came in the greenish color. The altoids patch is the new silicone and it comes translucent allowing me to dye it and make any number of color variations.”

You can check out Andrew’s wares on his etsy page which I posted below. I highly reccomend this product !!!


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