Full Lip Fly

Found a guy in Pennsylvania with a very unique idea and some pretty amazing hand-tied flys. Full Lip Fly implies simply that. Packaged in a chewing tobacco style can, easily fitting in your pocket like any other can of dip. Packed with an assortment of flys for a day on the water. The ultimate goal and premise would be to have these sitting on local counters of convenient stores for you to pick up on the way to your favorite fishing spot. All boxed up and ready to go. I had a chance to fish some of these beauties and it payed off landing a couple beautiful PA wild browns. Below you will find a statement from Josh Clevenger owner and operator of the company.

Like almost everything that comes to fruition,  necessity is the mother of invention. Being about an hour away from the nearest fly shop, I came up with an idea for a conveniently packaged dozen of flies that would universally catch fish year round. Every little gas station near a local stretch of water carry live bait But there is never anything for the fly angler.
With the day pack, now you can grab a quick dozen of popular fly patterns with your coffee on the way to the water. Obviously it is highly customizable. Could be offered in a wide variety or (flavors)to target multiple variety of fish.

Every convenience store has a wall off snuff cans. So I decided to package them in medical grade containers that mimic that packaging . For ease of storage and easy to display . Hence the name fullip fly , a full lip of snuff or a full lip of a fish that just ate the fly and took the pinch! #giveemapinch
The pattern choices are based on the size and productivity that apply to almost any situation. Can be fished alone or work well together in a tandem set.
I’ve been fishing for over 20 years. I started fly fishing for pan fish when I was 12 but my love for tying and chasing trout in the mountains of Pennsylvania has become a healthy obsession over the last 5 years. The barrier to entry for fly fishing can often be daunting. So with this day pack I can help take the guess work out of fly choices for the beginning fly angler .
Or the most experienced angler that maybe forgets a box on the tailgate or loses one to the drink if these packs make it to market now you can stop at the gas station and stock back up.
One of my favorite things to do is share my passion of fly fishing with friends and family(especially my 6 year old daughter Layla) these patterns are the patterns I would tie on for them if I want to see there face light up and bring fish to the net!

Thanks for sending us out a can Josh!

Everyone can check out is shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/Fullipfly

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