Worth its weight in cold…


The only thing keeping me sane this winter is by keeping busy tying flies and getting out on the water as much as possible. I had the chance to get out recently with some good friends and family. Standing out in the cold in the water with the wind blowing would have most people running for the warmth of their car. But there is something that calls to me time after time and just catching one fish no matter how big or small makes it all worth it and makes the drive home more enjoyable and bearable. It can feel like you’ve wasted the whole day when you haven’t caught anything. Casting over and over again to that one deep hole just hoping that the fish hiding in there is going to grace you with its presence and give you that split second of euphoria. Warming your soul in the cold harsh weather even if it only lasts a couple mins. High fives and and a little howling and it’s on to the next run. Time and weather are always against you so making the most of it is the most important. I look forward to fishing the rest of this Winter until the warmth of Spring is back again and everything around you is alive once more.


Here are some photo’s of a beautiful cutthroat I caught. The only fish all day. One broken rod tip and lots of ice on the guides, but in the end this one lone fish made my day until I can get out again.


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