“Handmade, ’cause We Made It!” is the motto of Chris Foster, owner, maker and designer of Foster Weld. Along with the help of friend and fellow maker and designer Kurt Thompson these two gents have created a strong brand in the art of metal working. With their unique designs and a limitless amount of possibilities for custom pieces, Foster Weld is your go to for everything from belt buckles, custom vintage signs, key chains,and anything you can dream up. Below you will find a little something the boys whipped up for you to read. Thanks guys for the support and keep doing what your doing. 

“We quit our day jobs to make the dream of FosterWeld happen. Why? Because we wanted to, and self employment makes life more interesting. We’re down to earth people who have been blessed with the ability to balance creativity and entrepreneurship. Our passion for working with our minds and our hands keeps us grounded and fresh. The business can be demanding, but we love nothing more than relaxing outside just like the rest of you. 

img_0073We like playing with metal. And since it’s so much fun, we decided we had to share. Let us complement your style and your surroundings by making original metal art that you can’t find anywhere else. No two pieces are exactly the same, because each is handmade and individually crafted right here in Boise, Idaho. While we offer a variety of unique products, everything fits into a distinct style that merges modern composition with classic welding technique. From buckles to cuffs to home decor, if it’s metal, we’re down with it. But we’re more than just metal art — FosterWeld is a lifestyle. Check out the shop to find out more.”

The guys sent us out a little care package of a couple of their new belt buckle designs. Loving the trout one of course but that die-cut fly buckle is pretty great! They also have some pretty cool bottle openers not pictured but trust me these things are solid! Go check out their etsy page or website. Links below.


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