Artist: Theresa Hryckvich

We recently got to chat a little bit with Massachusetts artist Theresa Hryckvich. She has an etsy page with a couple items she has made but what caught our eye was this beautiful watercolor of a Cutthroat Trout. Below is a little bio of Theresa in her own words. We are looking forward to seeing more art from Theresa in the near future.

“I’m from a small rural town in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, where I grew up fishing in all the local rivers, streams, ponds and lakes. I loved to be outside and also admired all the different wildlife in my area, where it was very abundant with native fish and game. I studied everything very closely and began drawing and painting at a very young age. I would obsess over the beautiful colors, fine details, and movements so I could translate it on paper. A lot of my art includes fish and wildlife from where I’ve traveled as well. My father had a seafood business so I spent a lot of time deep sea fishing as a kid. I learned a lot from this experience and it definitely inspired interest in capturing the beauty of all the different species I’ve seen. All of these fond memories are the inspiration behind my art work. I’m currently working on a new series that will feature all local fish species found in The Berkshires. New website featuring my portfolio coming soon. ”

Check out Theresa’s painting. Just follow the link below.

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