Smokey Blue Supply Co. Fly Wallet

The, on the go, fly wallet offered by Smokey Blues is made out of hand waxed canvas, genuine leather and sheeps wool. It holds all of your fly fishing essentials, from all the flys you need to different tapered leaders. It also comes equipped with a pocket on the outside of the wallet to hold any extra tools or maps. Only being 8 inches long and 4 inches wide this wallet can fit right in your pocket or just be tossed into a backpack. We offer it in 5 different colors, black and camo, tan and black, cream and green, navy blue and silver and maroon and black.

Here is a little bio about Andrew Cook, The owner and maker of Smokey Blue Supply Co. in his own words.

I’ve been fishing all my life, and I started sewing about 4 years ago professionally but always have been into making my own product for fun. I started making fly bags this past year for myself as a hobby and they really took off at my companies craft fair and through people I’ve met fishing on the river. My wife Kathryn has been pushing me every day for quite some time to start the company I’ve always wanted to start. Which brings me to Smokey Blues Supply Company, the name originated from really our two favorite dogs that have passed on, that would follow us wherever we went, especially Blue, he would go fishing and surfing with me anywhere. We do a lot of traveling and are currently based out of Reno, Nevada in a tiny home but feeling the itch to move again to the pacific north west. I love to fish the Truckee River here in Reno but my favorite place would be Northern California on the Mad River and surrounding areas. I’ve tried all types of fishing, but small river fishing for trout is what I really like. We like to keep our designs simple, functional but most of all great quality, we do offer repairs to any item that we make for a small fee keeping our product in your fishing family for generations. Follow us on Instagram at smokeybluessupplyco to stay up to date with new releases and free giveaways. 

Check out this piece of gear and Andrews other masterful pieces at:

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