Camas Creek Soap Co.

We got a little care package in the mail recently from Amy Grows at Camas Creek Soap Co. These soaps are pretty amazing. I’ve been using them after coming back from a day on the water and this time of year my hands are so dry and cracked but these soaps are pretty therapeutic. Also I love the different motives she has. I chose the fish version for obvious reasons. Look at that Brookie on there. Great designs, great soaps and overall a great little company. Below is a little bit about the company in Amy’s own words.

“Welcome to Camas Creek Soap Company! I started making soap as a way to provide a quality, simple product for family and friends who live and play in the beautiful outdoors of Idaho. With the harsh winters our skin tends to dry very quickly. Camas Creek Soap has become a local favorite for those looking for a gentle cleanser, a perfect gift or alternative for sensitive skin.

All of my soap is made is handcrafted in small batches, from a rich blend of olive, palm and coconut oils. Some bars contain an exotic butter to add different qualities to the batch.

These vegetable oils and butters are gentle on the skin and great for soap making. Unlike commercial soap, handcrafted soap produces a high glycerin content from the soap making process. The milling process of commercial soap extracts the glycerin. What you get is a hard, long lasting bar that instead of moisturizing your skin, strips it of the protective oils, leaving it dry . With handcrafted soap, the glycerin will help moisturize the skin and protect it from drying out.

I use herbs from my garden, teas, and other botanicals to add texture to each bar. Essential oils are added for scenting as well as fragrance oils for those who are looking for a particular scent. I use natural colorants for some bars, others are left natural without added pigment. After the soap has been poured into the molds and have set overnight, they are hand cut at our studio in Sagle Idaho.

Camas Creek handcrafted soaps are long lasting and provide a luscious creamy lather that will leave your skin feeling clean and soft without drying.

Check out Amy’s shop on Etsy. She’s got tons of different soaps! I suggest the 3 pack sampler! Thanks Amy!

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