Omega Gear Knives

Our friends over at Omega Gear Knives have sent us an amazing little knife. I’m calling this a trout and birder knife but their site says “Handmade EDC, survival, bushcraft and Hunting Knife. The knife is designed for fishing, hunting and birding.

Made from 1095 Steel With a cutting edge length of 3.5″ and a 4.0″ handle making the knife 7.5″ in total length. A full tang fixed blade 4.0mm thick, and a razor sharp edge, this knife can make quick work of filleting and skinning trout and other fish as well as field dressing game birds.

With 60 HRC hardness, this small versatile and tank-like knife is built to last. The mirror finish on this knife is intense. It was hard to take the photos because of the glare coming off of that finish. The full tang handle has plenty of jimping on the flat side but none on the spine which I would of liked to see. The knife comes standard with a high quality hand stitched leather sheathe and leather lanyard, although I will be putting a paracord lanyard on mine, just my preference.

I will be further field testing this knife in the next couple weeks and will have a follow up review with photos from the field.

Follow the link below to check out this knife and a lot of others all hand made by Matt Longley.

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