Bozeman Creative

Karl Schwartz from Bozeman Creative has sent us a little care package of some of the many designs he has created over the years. First off we thank you Karl for the stickers. They will go to good use. Below is a little snip it from Karl’s site.

“Hi everybody, my name is Karl Schwartz and I was born and raised in Alaska, but have lived in Montana for over 19 years. I graduated from Montana State University with a bachelors and masters degree in education.  I have taught technology, web design, graphic design, engineering, computer animation and photography for 14 years.

Bozeman Creative was created to offer graphic design services for fly shops and to sell original fishing and fish related art.  However, I also have experience with other art, product design, drafting and landscape design.  I love my job teaching at Bozeman High School and am committed to spreading creativity, teaching technology and encouraging an appreciation of art.  My students are very talented and inspiring to be around; I talk to them often about following their dreams, so I can only practice what I preach and do what I love!”

This is one of Karl’s T-shirt designs.

We love his quirky designs and what he stands for. If your in need of some graphic services or just some cool stickers and even t-shirt designs go check out his site.

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