Esox Niger

Just about all year long I have fun chasing these in my local cranberry bogs and just about everywhere. Meet Esox Niger or the common Chain Pickerel. These guys will go after anything you  throw at them. They put up a fight as long as you have some heavy leader and tippet otherwise they will saw through your line like a Swiss Army knife. 

Below is the largest one I caught 2 years ago in the Fall on a saltwater streamer I tied. 

When the fish aren’t biting elsewhere I know I can rely on catching at least a bunch of these on a trip to the cranberry bogs. The best part is going first thing In the morning when the water is calm and as soon as that streamer hits the water, it’s like watching sharks attacking from multiple angles. Ripples in the water, the fish fighting over your fly. To me it’s exciting. A lot of people would disagree as they hate catching these, but they suit me just fine. To each his own I suppose. 

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