Realistic Fly Review

Last Summer I got to field test some realistic fly’s a company I found on ETSY makes. “Realistic Fly ”  makes some really great fly’s. They sent me over a nice assortment. Below are some photo’s from last Summer when I got to try them out in a really great location in PA.

Up on the mountain I found some really great waterfalls and one in particular had a huge deep pool and to my luck was filled with wild Brook Trout ! I tried several different fly’s I had picked up from my local fly shop but had no luck until I tied on one of the Realistic Flys. I used the grasshopper and when it hit the water, Immediately it was hit over and over again. I wound up catching and releasing 4 brookies before leaving for the day. If you get a chance go check out and give them a try. You won’t be disappointed.