So awhile back we  received a care package from A pretty neat company with a great product and a great idea. We had a chance to talk to Brian Runnals, Founder & President about why and how he started this company  and this is what he had to say.

  brianBrian Runnals

“I started Postfly in my basement apartment in late 2013. My wife had signed me up for a fishing box-of-the-month club and I really enjoyed it thought ‘hey this could work for fly fishing’. Built a crappy site on shopify and started promoting through FB… and sent 8 boxes to our first customers in December 2013. Shortly after launching I convinced my bro-in-law to join Postfly to handle our design and web dev, and he did a complete overhaul of our website which is what you see today. We’ve worked hard to be not just a service but really to build a brand that our customers connect with. Fast forward to 2015… I left my career in technology sales to run Postfly full time, got an office space in Boston, and now send thousands of boxes each month. ”


Brian your flies are artfully handcrafted and your service is impeccable. Keep up the good work and we plan on coming back for more.

Visit Postfly Box by clicking the link below.


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