I fell in love with the water before I fell in love with fly fishing. As a child, I spent summers going to Ocean City, New Jersey, surfing as much as possible and body surfing on days too flat to surf with a shortie. When I was home, near the Wharton State Forest, I spent my time running around the woods finding creeks, hoping to come across some fish swimming around. They have always been a beautiful animal to me. I always loved how the colors shimmered in the sunlight, each angle revealing a new alluring color.

        I received my first fly rod from my father when I was being dropped off at college. I had been accepted to a small college in western North Carolina. My dad had mentioned that their were a lot of good spots around the area for hiking and fishing and the rod might be of some use to me. I had only seen fly fishing done in the movies every now and then, it seemed difficult but also very graceful and artistic. It was a challenge when I first began, trying to throw the line like it was cracking a whip. Oh how the knots were a pain to untangle. Once you get the flow, the feel of the line running, the tension slipping through the hands, its an addiction. Just getting that right cast in the right spot can feel like an accomplishment.

        After spending 10 years in North Carolina, I moved back to Southern New Jersey, the motherland. I slowly began to discover the new spots in the Pine Barrens and Wharton State Forest where the chain pickerel breach the water to attack the streamer its stalking. Since being back here for over 2 years I have now fallen back in love with the Pine Barrens. Its scenery and its beauty, I feel, will always hold a place in my heart.

        These postings and write-ups and pictures are a physical representation and testament to the love and respect that we hold for fly fishing. The art in the casting, the way you feel the line and feel the tension and knowing that right time to release the line to land the fly exactly where you want it to be. The beauty in the line, sitting on the water, shimmering in the sunlight, streaming through the water anticipating that tug on the other end, its a fix to the addiction of fly fishing. I hope ya’ll enjoy the site! Tight lines and happy fishing! 


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